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November 2017

Simone Heng Speaks at the IMI Festival 2017
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I have been working incredibly hard on honing my speaking skills, reading books, attending talks and observing other speakers. It was great to be invited to speak at this year’s…

Simone Heng hosts the LAM Research End of Year Celebration
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LAM Research is a global semi-conductor company who has surpassed all of its earnings targets this year. What I loved about this end of year event, different from other dinner…

Simone Heng hosts the FANCL BC Range Media Launch
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I absolutely love live hosting and I adore beauty products so it is bizarre to me that this was my first beauty event hosting in a year. I had a…

Simone Heng Speaks at North Metropolitan TAFE in Perth
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There is no greater gift you can give to complete strangers than guidance and mentorship. I cannot tell you how blessed I have been over the years to have had…

Eat List Star wins at the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Awards 2017
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So excited to share that the TV show I hosted earlier this year Eat List Star has won the award in the Best Entertainment Category at the Asia┬áPacific Broadcasting Union…

Simone Heng Hosts the LG Living Event and Press Launch
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I was delighted to be chosen to host the launch of LG Electronics’ new range of lifestyle products. Thankyou so much to Mr Brian Park, Vice President of LG Electronics…