Simone and the city

DIY Strawberry and Propolis Face Pack
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I recently attended an amazing dinner with the team from Chitose Agriculture Initiative. They farm the sweetest, high-quality strawberries up in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. They also farm on…

Latest Press: The Tao of Self Confidence
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A few months ago I got an email from Canada, from a young woman who had founded a successful podcast featuring Asian women giving their take on discovering self confidence.  She…

Luxe For Less: Best Kept Relaxation Secret in Singapore
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This is the first in a series of blogs about my top secret, luxe for less destinations in Singapore. It is these places or stores, which give me a hint…

How I Changed My Face: The Power of Good Eyebrows
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You would have heard it over and over again that eyebrows frame your face. This is the most true statement in all of beauty! I grew up knowing I had NO eyebrows.

Hosting The Body Shops’ Wildest Christmas Ever
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I was so flattered to be asked to asked to host the Christmas 2016 product preview for The Body Shop. The event was themed on the work the company is…

DIY Denim Patch Jacket
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I teamed up with the guys from to do three-part DIY fashion series and my favourite project has just gone live!

Latest Press: The Asian TV Awards
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Thanks so much to The Asian TV Awards and for featuring me and my career story on their sites! So kind. Do take a read. Simone Heng on how…

Welcome Celebration Giveaway
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To celebrate the launch of this brand new site, I wanted to thank my Singaporean supporters. I’ve been back in Singapore for only just over a year, yet it has…

Where to Stay In Manila
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If you are stopping off in Manila on the way to islands in the Philippines or you just need a weekend break within South East Asia (ahem, partying in Manila is…

DIY Streamer Skirt
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This DIY only took a few minutes but was a great way to make an ill-fitting pencil skirt more current. Hope this inspired you to customise your own old wardrobe pieces!