10 Fashion Tips to Reduce the Cost of Your Wardrobe

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Ever since I became a property owner 4 years ago, I have had to get a bit more creative with my wardrobe and be as financially responsible as possible. A few girlfriends of mine were asking me how I always managed to have so many clothing options and designer gear on a budget! I wanted to share some of my fave thrifty fashion tips (the same I shared with them) to maximise your style and make your wardrobe as functional as possible.


  • DIY

You know I have been a fan of Do-It-Yourself fashion forever. I like to add small touches to existing wardrobe items like the sweater I recently added pearls to here.


  • Thrifting

You can see from the hero image for this blog a trench coat I got for $10 from a Good Sammy thrift store next to my Mum’s nursing home in Perth. It was brand new with the tags on it and it literally saved me recently when I was hosting an event in a freezing cold airport environment and nursing a cold at the same time. You can find some amazing pieces at thrift shops, harder to find if you live in Singapore or Dubai but still worth the effort when you are on holiday in a country like Australia, Canada or the US.


  • Do Your Own Alterations

I have only recently started buying my clothes online. I often have to hand alter straps and hems because I am petite and have a rare “apple body” shape. I  hand tack and sew as many changes as I can which avoids tailoring costs.


  • Use A Delicates Bag

Many items now, even from high street stores, recommend dry cleaning. But, let’s get real, you could hand wash the items to eschew dry cleaning costs, but who has time for that? If you buy yourself a delicates laundry bag and put the item into it on a gentle cycle it usually will come out totally fine, saving you loads on dry cleaning costs.


  • Buy Designer Clothes For Less

I shop at high street and online stores for a lot of my every day fashion but for special occasions and particularly for shoes, I try and buy designer second hand. Shoes need to be comfortable for hosting shows and cheap shoes cut up your feet bad. I can find never before worn designer label shoes for less from sites like The Fifth Collection and Style Tribute. Particularly when these stores have sales you can get designer clothes and shoes for the same price as shopping at Zara.


  • Epic Online Stores

There is one particular store where I buy a lot of my clothes for hosting work. When the store is on sale, the prices are amazing for the quality (I am talking $90 for a fully-lined dress) and I am an exact size 6 AU in this brand (so no alterations needed), plus they ship to Singapore in 48 hours. Go to www.Sheike.com.au. I also love Zara’s online store, again with clothes arriving within 48 hours and saving me traipsing to a million different Zara stores to find the 1 item I liked in my size (which normally sells out immediately).


  • Rent

You can now rent your wardrobe if you like your pieces to always look one-off on Instagram. A few of my friends subscribe to Style Theory here in Singapore and rent gowns from Covatella for events. This is also great for sustainability and the environment. A new store called Rentadella has also just opened up too.


  • Swap

A few of my friends and I are the same size and have similar style, so we often swap and trade clothes informally. You can also check out Swapaholic here in Singapore for their monthly events.


  • Wear Less Prints

When I lived in Dubai, my wardrobe was huge. Excessive. I always bought a lot of prints and flashy accessories and hardly owned any basics, not only did I not look chic, the wardrobe I had was just not functional. I invest now in basics and block colours so that I can mix and match and the items don’t date as much.


  • Use Make Up As Your Wardrobe

I love make up and find by changing my make-up look and even hair, I can transform a plain t-shirt and jeans combination into something really special and it can look like a completely different outfit. So get on Youtube and get creative with your styling!


I hope this helps guys and if you found it useful, do share the link!