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September 2017

Simone Heng hosts the launch of Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore
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I was so delighted to be asked to host the launch of Singapore’s first luxury serviced apartments concept, Oakwood Premiere OUE Singapore. The property has a stunning club lounge, bar…

The Class95FM Buses are Out!
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My love of radio continues. We are driving around the streets of Singapore and also on your bus shelters! Thanks for supporting the station and the new show. You can…

Simone Heng hosts the 11th Courts Charity Golf Tournament
1024 1024 Simone Heng

It looks like peak season is upon us! Just started in the new radio show and now am hosting a lot of live events. I was very flattered to be…

The All-New Love Songs with Elias and Simone
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I have a brand new radio show! Absolutely loving the new content and time belt. It’s everything you loved from the Class 95FM classic Love Songs but with a fresh take…