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February 2019

Interview with Josh Groban
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John Klass and I were lucky enough to interview the stellar Josh Groban when he was in town to perform part of his Bridges Tour. The man is the real…

How to Memorise 45 Minutes for Your Next Presentation
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Hi Guys, I came up with this simple hack that I use when I am trying to prepare for a keynote speech. Hope it helps you as much as it…

24 Hours with Simone Heng-Mumbrella Asia
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Thanks so much to Mumbrella Asia for sharing how I flip my day around as a result of doing the night show. Hope this shows you guys how I managed…

10 Inspirational Female Influencers Instagram 2019
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Thanks to Zerrin.com for naming me one of their 10 inspirational influencers. I have resisted buying followers and changed gears in terms of what I post because I saw a…