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April 2019

Finding Your Voice Again
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I recently made a video for my socials about the real work when I coach public speaking. When I empower people to find their “voice,” it’s so much more than…

The Importance of Human Connection
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I had the pleasure of collaborating with the team from Create Asia 360 who are comprised by one of my best friends from Dubai. We created a special thought leadership…

The Lush Magazine Feature
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Thanks so much to The Lush Magazine for this feature. It was so great to share my beliefs on so many subjects with the world. You can read the article…

Seed Heritage Launch at Jewel Changi
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I have loved Seed Heritage ever since I was working on air at Mix 94.5 in Perth. I would get so sad about my Mum’s illness and my friends I…

How to Present Naturally On Camera
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It’s often a big mystery to non-millenials how easily millenials speak convincingly on camera because they have grown up with a camera phone in their faces. However, if you are…