3 Ways to Make Your Office Feel More Connected Now

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For some countries like Australia, people will be returning to their workplaces. In the UK, the US and here in Singapore, things are further away.

Our attitude towards the world of meetings has changed for the near future. But what happens when Zooming is just too much?

Here are some ways that you can make your office environment feel more connected and cohesive now:

1) Angels and Mortals: We’ve all played Secret Santa in the office but I believe a global pandemic warrants some extra special off-season giving. Everyone in the office swaps names and then delivers small gifts to their colleague who is also working from home. You can use delivery apps like Lala Move and Ninja Van to deliver small pot plants, a plate of home-baked treats or just a card to communicate joy. Thanks to Lynda Williams for this idea.

2) Do Friday night drinks, online and on a Wednesday. Let’s face it, if you wait until Friday everyone’s eyes will be burnt out from Zoom. The team is exhausted, the last thing they want to do is stay online for another 2 hours on a Friday. Shift it to Wednesday to break up the week and enjoy a wine and chat with the team.

3) Plan an office quiz. There are fabulous resources online for planning a good old pub quiz online. Get your team divided into buddies to create increased connection. A great resource from Esquire is here.

Here are some other inspiring ways creative souls in different countries are increasing connection during social distancing:

Meals on Wheels is collecting love letters for the elderly.

This 5th Grader decided to thank the essential workers in her community using the post.



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