Arsenal Football Club X Acronis Press Conference

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I was really lucky to be chosen to host the press conference for a new partnership between Arsenal Football Club and Acronis when the players were in town to compete for the International Champions Cup. You can watch a short video hre:

People often laugh when I tell them I love hosting events. Maybe it doesn’t look like it requires much skill but if you have ever seen a bad MC you will understand that making all that stimulous look smooth is like a dance!
I finally edited up my gig hosting a press conference for Arsenal and one of their new partners, Acronis.
In this video, I play voice over, photography director, hostess, interviewer, stand up comic, party starter, cheerleader and moderator. I even change my accent. A good MC has agility, can lift the energy of a room and has an eye always on what is going on on stage.
Here is also a great testimonial:
On behalf of Arsenal Football Club, I would like to thank Simone Heng for the excellent hosting of the launch event with our new Official Partner, Acronis in Singapore last week. Simone was extremely professional as the host and put our players and representatives at ease throughout. I know Acronis were delighted with how the event was managed and they received a lot of positive coverage from the media in attendance. Complex events like this need to be handled by an experienced MC and Simone did it perfectly, with composure throughout.
Gordon Tannock
Head of Partner Services
Arsenal Football Club