Human Connection: Frequently Asked Questions
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For the past few years I have been studying the topic of Human Connection and speaking on it to organisations around the world. I am currently preparing to write the book and as such have started putting fingers to keypad about this subject beyond my keynote speech.

The Solitude Spectrum: Disconnection from Social Distancing to Solitary Confinement
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Original Article: thriveglobal.com/stories/the-solitude-spectrum-disconnection-from-social-distancing-to-solitary-confinement/

Making Virtual Connections Meaningful in Our New Normal
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Original Article: thriveglobal.com/stories/making-virtual-connections-meaningful-in-our-new-normal/

Simone Heng Human Connection Speaker Caroline Goyder
Caroline Goyder: On the Relationship Between Connection, Voice and Humanity
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Caroline Goyder is impressive. When I say that, I don’t mean just the fact that she is a real deal thought leader with decades of experience, a TED X with…

3 Ways to Make Your Office Feel More Connected Now
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For some countries like Australia, people will be returning to their workplaces. In the UK, the US and here in Singapore, things are further away. Our attitude towards the world…

Simone Heng with her mother
3 Ways to Feel More Connected Now
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Yesterday, Singapore declared four additional weeks of social isolation to combat the spread of Covid-19. Here are 3 simple and easy ways from a speech I delivered in February to…

The Human Connection Art Project
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When Covid-19 began, having studied Human Connection for a few years now, I knew that the way we connected was never going to be the same again. At least not…

The Science of Human Connection
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So many people are feeling depressed and anxious as a result of the current crisis. It’s important to note that these feelings do not discriminate, simply by the way we…

Lynda Williams: Maintaining a Hell of a Lot of Connections
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Lynda Williams is a public relations force. I have always marvelled at how someone who works with Human Connection for a living and over a sustained period of time keeps…

TedX: How to Authentically Connect with Anyone
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Human Connection is the most defining element of our lives. As thought leader Brene Brown says: “Connection is why we’re here.” Post-pandemic, our existing human connections will deepen based on…

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