Simone Heng Human Connection Speaker Caroline Goyder
Caroline Goyder: On the Relationship Between Connection, Voice and Humanity
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Caroline Goyder is impressive. When I say that, I don’t mean just the fact that she is a real deal thought leader with decades of experience, a TED X with…

Lynda Williams: Maintaining a Hell of a Lot of Connections
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Lynda Williams is a public relations force. I have always marvelled at how someone who works with Human Connection for a living and over a sustained period of time keeps…

Simone Heng Human Connection Speaker Mark Shapiro
Mark Shapiro: Founder of LoveBomb App and Kindness and Connection Speaker
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Covid-19 has, in one fell swoop, eliminated the debate on whether technology was destroying Human Connection. There is now, without a shadow of a doubt, the need for technology and…

Fatoma Alladin: When Human Connection Has Been Your Job for Thirty Years
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Fatoma Alladin is a PR Veteran in Asia with 30 years of experience Prior to Covid-19, in the run up to International Women’s Day, I wanted to film the Human…