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How To Age Backwards: 33 Things I have Learnt by 33 to Improve Personal Happiness
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So the other day I was sitting at lunch discussing my impending 33rd birthday with a new acquaintance who was 26 and a model. She was shocked to know my…

Simone Heng in Esquire Singapore April 2017
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It’s finally out! It was so fun shooting for the April Issue of Esquire Singapore as their “Woman We Love.” You can buy the issue on stands now and online…

Eat List Star Premieres
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If you have been following me on social media, you will know it has been beyond crazy lately. So unbelievably busy. I have been filming my new food show Eat…

Charli XCX Interview
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You know, all celebrities get tired. They have crazy jet lag and work around the clock and Charli XCX was no different when she was recently in town for her…

Hosting The Body Shops’ Wildest Christmas Ever
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I was so flattered to be asked to asked to host the Christmas 2016 product preview for The Body Shop. The event was themed on the work the company is…