Clarins NEW V Shaping Facial Lift Launch

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I was delighted to host the launch of the Clarins V Studio Pop Up in Ion and talk all things beauty with the public.

You can check the video here of the activation and space:



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How to create BIG energy with minimal sleep? 😴 Do you have issues sleeping? One of the weird things I am grateful for after being forced to do a late night show on the radio (I am 100% day time person) is that it has taught me to adapt to performing on very little sleep. My brain can now work off script with 2 to 5 hours sleep which it certainly could not before doing the nighr show 🤔 This is definitely a skill I will use as a global 🌏 keynote speaker🎤🎤 fighting jetlag in the future and having to deliver 45 minute keynote speeches verbatim. It is pretty common for me to do morning gigs like today for #clarinssg after finishing at 12 midnight 📻 off air means I get 5 and half hours sleep and yet I still have to bring 100 % energy for my audience ⚡. Here is my process to wake up and prepare: 1) While getting ready for the gig and on the way to the venue I listen to FULL ON clubbing music. Try @spotifyasia #motivation playlist 2) I drink @renovatiobio which gives me added energy and keeps my immunity up. Every morning I drink this. 3) I mentally prepare myself to give evey person I come into contact with my best energy because I know when I am sleep deprived I can tend to stop smiling and even be cranky. So everyone from the Grab driver to the sound person gets my best energy. 4) Hydrate and drink lots of water 5) I do @amycuddy power poses if I am really struggling to be alert. Hope this helps you at work in preparation for a presentation or a big meeting if you didn’t get great sleep the night before.

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