DIY Embroidered Slogan Sweater

1024 1024 Simone Heng

So these embroidered slogan sweaters have been around for a while. I love these “Feminist” sweaters that have been doing the rounds. I wanted to take the “feminist” theme up a notch. For as long as I know people have been telling me I am an “alpha female.” The term is stigmatised, it’s like we feel for a woman to try, to be a go getter, to put in effort is polarising. I wanted to remove the negative associations, I am proud to be the way I am, to love my independence and hard work. The alpha female has laser-sharp focus and manifests her dreams without hesitation. I think that is something to be proud of.

I used a sweater from H&M, embroidery thread from Daiso, embroidery needle (large) tailors’ chalk pencil.

Simply write whatever slogan you like onto the sweater with the tailors’ chalk pencil.

From there follow along the words with backstitch and that is all!

I am currently doing babies t-shirts in this same method for my best friends’ babies.