DIY Lemon and Bio Oil Healing Knee and Elbow Scrub

1024 1024 Simone Heng

So here’s the thing about getting older. Things start oxidising, kind of like apples going brown when left out. I recently saw in some insta-posts that my knees have not only dropped but also have started to get really dark, despite my best scrubbing efforts.

I did my usual internet research and concocted a next-level recipe for this issue. The thing with most of the lemon and salt scrub recipes online is that they seem really acidic and a bit sting-inducing if you have broken skin on those areas. I swapped up the salt for raw sugar and also added bio oil to heal and soothe the baby skin after.

What you will need:
Bio oil
Raw Sugar (the chunky stuff)

1) Place sugar into a bowl.
2) Add in lemon juice. I squeezed directly into the bowl and removed the seeds with my hands.
3) Add in dollops of bio oil and stir until it becomes the consistency of a paste. Continue to add parts of the ingredients until you get this consistency.

Just package it all up in a nice bottle and give it as a gift or scrub away on yourself!