DIY Strawberry and Propolis Face Pack

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I recently attended an amazing dinner with the team from Chitose Agriculture Initiative. They farm the sweetest, high-quality strawberries up in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. They also farm on a small plot of land which would otherwise be used for Palm Oil plantations (love them already, right?).

During the delicious dinner I was seated next to Kengo from Chitose and I asked him, quite innocently:

“Your strawberries are sooooo perfect in shape, what happens with all the imperfect strawberries? Can’t we make beauty products out of the leftovers instead of throwing them away?”

I suppose the Teo Chew side of me just couldn’t bear to see any waste!

The boys at Chitose passed me some of their less than prime strawberries to have a shot at making a face pack.
Kengo’s team of scientists in Japan let us know that strawberries contain Vitamin C and AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) which can whiten and exfoliate. The seeds of the strawberry of course, also a natural exfoliant.  They also stated that strawberries have a  good affinity with natural honey to be used as a facial pack.
So before rushing out to host this afternoon, I thought I would whip up something with the strawberries to hydrate and exfoliate my tired skin. This is really just the first of quite a few experiments with the produce.
Strawberries which are overripe soften and release a lot more water, I found that the strawberries were almost bursting!
For this mask, you will need:
1/2 punnet of overripe Chitose strawberries
2 tablespoons of propolis
Potato masher
1) Begin by chopping the strawberries as finely as possible.
2) Place into a pot and mash to form a puree

3) Add the propolis and stir into a paste.

4) Wear mask for 15 minutes and wash off.

I think changes are largely hard to see after one use but I certainly saw more clarity and brightness after the facial pack, this is probably down to the exfoliation of the pulp and seeds.  My skin was far more hydrated afterwards.

I will definitely be doing this again soon! Let’s see what the consistent benefits are.

Watch this space!