Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

1024 1024 Simone Heng

I have been meaning to blog makeup tutorials forever but it has been mental. With a massive resurgence in 80s glamour this SS17, you’ll be seeing glitter eye makeup looks everywhere. But how do you achieve an understated version of this for daily wear?

I have used a liquid chrome eyeshadow here which has glitter particles in it. Stila and Popstar Cosmetics are my favourite to create this look. The key to not looking like a drag queen is the product placement.

  1. Start by doing your standard base eye shadow. This means the base shade on the lid (I used a silver from Laura Mercier) and a darker shade in the crease (I tend to use brown because I have really dark eyes).
  2. I then apply my normal liquid eyeliner and false lashes.
  3. Finally for the glitter. I tilt my head upwards towards the light and see the natural section of my eyelids which catches the light. This is normally above the eyeliner and lash line but never going above the socket. See the above picture for a map of the shadow colours.
  4. The last touch is to use the applicator to place glitter in the inner corner of the eye to give that dewy look. The liquid shadow dries really fast so let it set and don’t try and blend it: