How To Grow Out Your Pixie Crop

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I have recently just started doing comedy videos for Class 95 labelled “Office Breathers.” These weekly videos have been getting a great response on our Class 95 Facebook and they have been really fun to do. I don’t think I have ever really been my real, uncensored, funny self on camera EVER until now.

I was trained and raised in the school of TV during the mid-noughties where everything and everyone wanted to look perfect and pretty girls most certainly didn’t make fools of themselves on camera. That paradigm however has largely changed because of the internet, now audiences crave authenticity more than ever.

These videos have really started getting my juices flowing to produce a lot more great content (within the constraints of my back to back schedule).

So as much as this video may begin looking like a standard beauty tutorial, I promise…it is not.

Watch all the way to the end!

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