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Thank you so much for having me speak about my life story Great Eastern Insurance.


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From a speech delivered to Great Eastern Singapore in March 13th 2019 on my career and life story.

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Many of you may not know that in 2005 I was without a place to live. I had no EP for Singapore, no money, no job, no home, no family support and only a few friends in Singapore. By 2013 I was living my dream life in Dubai with a job I loved and enough money to buy my own apartment by the ocean. In 2014 I gave up that dream to take care of my ill Mum and returned to Perth.

The journey now continues in Singapore this time around and it is turning out to be incredible. I am still dreaming and seeing those dreams manifest. Since being on my knees in that HDB walkway in Toa Payoh back in 2005 with not a cent to my name crying with my belongings in plastic bags, I decided to back myself. I would stand by me, believe in me, hold me to my own promises.

My whole career, no parent or husband or boyfriend ever paid my rent, no family member every gave me emotional support and I continue to do it on my own now while supporting my mother. I would not have it any other way… WHAT A MAGICAL ADVENTURE it is turning out to be.

It is the proudest part of my story that every piece of clothing and everything I own I did without assistance. Thanks so much to the team at #GreatEastern for booking me to talk about this. It was cathartic for me and not something professional speakers are normally paid to talk about. I will explain more about this in my video of the speech later tonight. I hope as always, I added value and inspired people to be the best they can be.

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