How I Changed My Face: The Power of Good Eyebrows

1024 1024 Simone Heng

You would have heard it over and over again that eyebrows frame your face. This is the most true statement in all of beauty! I grew up knowing I had NO eyebrows. I hated taking my makeup off to reveal black eyes and then a vast space from the top of my eyelids to my high hairline, nothing punctuating it in between.

I know you probably don’t believe me, but a picture always speaks the truth, look how disproportionate my facial features were in 2007 before I ever had the procedure done (I have since had it done three times):


That’s me, with zero eyebrows! I lie, in fact in the image above, I had actually filled them in a bit and they are still almost non-existent. You can see how the sparse brows make my eyes look smaller, my nose look larger and my cheeks rounder!

Brow Resurrection Define will last you up to 2 years with proper care and use of aftercare products, depending on your skin condition.  Here are my brows immediately after my life-changing Brow Resurrection done last week.


They are quite bold here but will fade down slightly over a fortnight. The shape has been tailored to make me look younger, removing the harsh arch (high arches were the brow shape “du jour” for us ladies that came of age in the 2000s) and I have since requested more youthful, straight “Korean Brows.”

So by now, you’re wondering what is this magical, face-changing treatment?

I have reviewed this treatment so many times on my previous blogs. I first flew from Dubai to get it done in 2012 and returned to get it done again in 2014 when I was based in Australia. To see how this painless, face-changing, semi-permanent treatment is done, no one explains it better than the Browhaus team themselves. Check out the video here.