How to Hustle with Simone Heng x TWG Tea Singapore

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I have spoken before here about how important mentorship is and how instrumental it was to my career development. Without my three radio mentors, I would never have had the opportunity to take my broadcasting career from Singapore to Australia to Dubai and then back again. Interestingly, my three radio mentors are all male.

I started to see recently (through mentoring girls individually) that there are parts of the entertainment industry that are particularly precarious for women. Issues concerning body image, branding and “casting couch” predators are all far more specifically women’s problems. I wanted to share my experiences and also match mentors with young “up and coming” girls I knew who were looking for guidance. I mentioned my vision to TWG Tea Singapore and they were keen to partner with me. Their own Director of Communications and Co-Founder, Maranda, is total #Girlboss and a branding genius and I had the pleasure of meeting her while reporting on one of my TV projects. My intentions had great synergy with their phenomenal brand.

Myself, and the girls had the pleasure of dining at the Garden Salon at Marina Bay Sands and enjoyed a specially created breakfast menu paired with fragrant TWG Tea. The morning was intimate and filled with honest conversations. One of the mentees conceded at times she “felt lost” and another was taking notes furiously on her phone. It made me happy to know the girls were getting something out of it. I think the most important thing for me is that a dialogue about “collaboration not competition” is spread. We should all be banding together to help one another, and sharing the love rather than being territorial.

I hope this is just the beginning of my work on mentorship, fitting around my schedule isn’t easy but it is 100% worthwhile.

Here are a few “Simoneisms” the participants found useful:

  • You learn from doing not from NOT doing. So feel the fear, be brave and do it anyway.
  • In the year 2017, to survive in the media landscape, put collaboration over competition.
  • Just help eachother because that’s the legacy you leave behind, that end goal is much larger than the industry.
  • Read up on global media trends, look beyond your individual place within the industry.
  • The best woman for the job will always get the job, whether you help her or not. So just help.

Thankyou TWG for your support.