Latest Press: The Tao of Self Confidence

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A few months ago I got an email from Canada, from a young woman who had founded a successful podcast featuring Asian women giving their take on discovering self confidence.  She asked me if I would be an interview subject for one of the podcasts.

For me, this subject of self confidence has been particularly challenging in the past three years with returning to Australia from Dubai and then moving again to Singapore and making some very big family discoveries. Defining what happiness was for me and the things I needed to be happy had a huge effect on my self confidence.

I always say to my friends, I am pretty easily pleased. Some people need expensive clothes, cars and a lot of money to be happy. Some people need fame to feel fulfilled and confident. Some people are not fulfilled without a partner in their lives because they find it hard to be alone. During the journey of the last three years, I discovered that for me, at the basic level, I need the following to be happy:

  • To have wonderful friends in my life and a great relationship with my mother
  • To live in a dynamic city with open-minded and diverse people
  • To do my life’s work for a living
  • To earn enough money to be comfortable and have enough to save extra

I will fight, move countries, leap mountains to have the above four things in my life, in perfect balance. I believe you need to grab life and build your ideal existence the way an architect designs a house.

Without further ado, here is my ten minute podcast with Sheena Yap Chan from the Tao of Self Confidence which explains more on how I built a life that is perfect for me:

I hope my insights help.