Leaders Laid Bare Panel at HSBC Women’s Golf Championship’s The Island Exchange

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How They Did It: Leaders Laid Bare was a panel I moderated as part of the HSBC Women’s Golf Championships. Four incredible business leaders provided a fantastic insight into how they realised their career dreams and the lessons they have learned along the way.

The best thing about moderating a panel is getting to learn up close and personal from some incredible minds. Vanessa Dew flew over from the states for 2 days for this panel and shared how she created Health Ade Kombucha in her closet, she now has 200 employees. Rachel Lim dropped out of school and built Love, Bonito into a local (soon to be regional) icon. Jaime Lee left a cushy job as a lawyer to bring happiness to us every day with her products at The Paper Bunny and Sam Fischer head of Diageo APAC shared how his company is working tirelessly for gender equality in the workplace. Thanks to these four, I am sufficiently inspired/riled up about my career 😂♥️.

Thank you to everyone who came and thank you #IMG for choosing me to moderate ❤️ #theislandexchange #harnessyourpower#hsbcwomenschampions @hsbcwomensgolf
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