My New Year’s Resolution and 2017 Ambitions

1024 1024 Simone Heng

So last night I said goodbye to 2016 while co-hosting the Clarke Quay Supernova Countdown Party. I had been thinking over the last week what I should set as goals for the year ahead and how to ensure I could keep/ achieve them going forward.

A recent and tragic death in the family has completely¬†enforced the personal work I have been exploring since leaving Dubai in 2014. I had been a workaholic from 2008 until 2014 and to many of my friends in Singapore (who do not work in the media and don’t necessarily understand the nature of the industry) they still think I am. I think the recent developments in my personal life have encouraged me to keep going down the path I set on almost 3 years ago. This was when I began to put my health (both physical and emotional), my family obligations and my happiness first. I still need to work on being kinder to myself though (hence why I am writing a blog on my supposed time off).

So as many people expect me to list off what professional achievements or monetary ones I have up my sleeve for 2017, I really do not have many. Material things are no longer a preoccupation. But this new elusive thing is: Happiness. How do we make the happiness we already have, last longer, be stronger, be more consistent and enduring? Surely, this is a subject more worth exploring than buying a new bag or lipstick?

This recent family loss of mine, which was very sudden, made me remember how fragile life is. This last time I was struck by such a sense of my own mortality was when my father died in 2004, I watched him pass away in front of me. I can still remember being told he had 90 days to live. Think about that for a moment. What would you be concerned about with 90 days left to live?

So my resolution for 2017 is to place at the forefront of my mind, my happiness and make it a priority EVERY SINGLE DAY. My motto for 2016 was: “Sometimes you have to lose at work to win at life” and “the compassionate response is always the correct response.”

So I suppose for 2017, the motto will be: “Will spending time with/ engaging in/ accepting XYZ opportunity make me happier?”

Everything I will do this year will be informed by this line of questioning, I want to make myself as happy as I can and by extension all the people around me and that isn’t just a resolution, that is a challenge!

Oh…yes, and I resolve to also stretch after all of my morning runs. I was very bad at doing that in 2016. LOL.

Wishing you a wonderful and Happy 2017 and best of luck for the year ahead!