Simone Heng in Esquire Singapore April 2017

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It’s finally out! It was so fun shooting for the April Issue of Esquire Singapore as their “Woman We Love.” You can buy the issue on stands now and online here. I guess shooting a men’s magazine when you are 33 means so much more than when you are 23 (the last time I shot for a major men’s magazine). Strangely, ten year’s on, I felt far more confident about my body then I did all those years ago. I know its angles and I know how it is best shot (from below).

Thankyou to the team who made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I love that my makeup is barely there.I absolutely felt liberated also being shot with no eyeliner or lashes. Just me and good lighting. I love that I finally got to show off my legs after many years living in the Middle East. I have a heavy centre and skinny legs which (when I was younger) were slimmer and longer than the rest of my body. The photographer Nicky Loh managed to make my legs look the way they did in my 20s by lying on the floor and shooting me upwards. It was amazing fun.

The hero image for this blog, of me in the nude Dior dress, was the first shot for the entire shoot. We literally shot it to test for lighting and it came up so beautiful that it ended up in print.

Thanks also to Wayne, the editor who did something very different with the feature. He wrote about my life as a sort of fan fiction. Half of the article was written about my life now and the other half was written as if I had never left Australia and how my life would be in a sort of alternate universe. It was interesting to say the least.

Shot by @nickyloh

Hair and makeup by @shahshamsi

Styline by @whatthefang

Thankyou Esquire Singapore for this wonderful experience 12 years into my career in the public eye. I treasure these moments and hope to have many more being artful and enjoying the creative talents I have been lucky enough to possess.