Simone Heng Hosts Run for Hope 2018

917 918 Simone Heng
 April 2004, I was 19, my Dad died of cancer. It changed my life. I went from being a kid to being a woman almost over night. I think the depth of my resilience has a huge amount to do with this loss, when things are difficult at work or with my mother, I always know it will never be as bad as watching my Dad pass away in front of me. I held his hand as his spirit left this world. Only people who lose direct family members suddenly can understand the profoundness of this loss and how it changes you.
I went through all the stages of grief, but remember being viscerally angry at the disease, its insipidness, how it spreads silently without you knowing until it is often too late. My father lived only 90 days  after his diagnosis with stage 4 cancer. So, when you support events like the Run for Hope, you are not only helping to raise money for cancer research, what you are also doing is helping to raise awareness for the disease and remind people to get regular checks and not ignore any abnormal pain. Early detection is so important.
I turned my anger into something positive and I was able to co-host the 25th anniversary of Run for Hope which is all about raising funds for cancer research. And would you know it, 14 years after my Dad’s death, who is organising the event? My father’s niece and one of my besties, that you see in the picture with me. So my Dad lives on!!! You see? Most things in this life are already written. Thank you for having me #runforhopesg.