Launch of Shiseido’s Ultimune Red Vibe Street at Changi T1

1024 1024 Simone Heng

I was honoured to be chosen to host the launch of Shiseido’s revitalised Ultimune concentrate at Changi airport. This is was the first travel retail location in the world to launch this product and they built an entire installation around it.

Global Ultimune ambassador and international dancer Koharu Sugawara was there and her presence was contagious. Her humility, grace and quirkiness was admirable. She has no issue being her true self which is so refreshing. I loved her!

I also found really heart-warming, the #strongsouls campaign associated with the launch. Something which I can relate to really well.  There was a wall of strength where women could share messages of encouragement and leave them there for other women to find which is a reflection of what my girlfriends and I do for each other privately.

The event was covered in the international press. You can see more here.

Big love to McPhee at Cinq salon for this hair style!