Simone Heng Speaks for International Women’s Day

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I have been working so hard and training as a speaker. It was my goal from last year in August to learn how to write and execute a keynote speech and it feels amazing to have been given the opportunity to be paid to speak for my very first speech!

I have read books, attended courses, gotten a mentor, rehearsed, drafted and re-rehearsed this speech so many times. It was an amazing challenge, the way sitting for a big exam used to be for me at school. It feels really great to be challenged in this way. We are never truly fulfilled unless we are growing and being challenged.

International Women’s Day was March 8th and I went down to Group M to speak to employees about #pressforprogress in their own work place.

The speech was well received with amazing feedback from some of the audience. I have 2 more speaking engagements coming up soon, watch this space!

You can watch the closing of the 45 minute speech HERE.