Simone Heng Speaks at North Metropolitan TAFE in Perth

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There is no greater gift you can give to complete strangers than guidance and mentorship. I cannot tell you how blessed I have been over the years to have had some amazing mentors who have stayed with me long after I have left jobs. These mentors have continued to stay with me and have since become dear friends. I feel if I could give this to one other person, my work/purpose on the planet would be have achieved.

The students at North Metro TAFE in my home town (I was visiting my mother) even have their own online radio station,, which allows them to very practically learn the skills of various roles within a radio station (even though these roles, in my experience, differ greatly depending on what market you work in).

I shared a story about my first gig in radio in 2007, where I really started from the bottom! Thanks so much for having me TAFE and empowering me to share my journey and life lessons.