The Art of Storytelling

495 495 Simone Heng

When you get a little bit of a platform you get to choose what to do with it. I have been planning this for about 7 months but due to other speeches and my full time radio job and hosting live events, we have only got around to do this event now. In conjunction with the amazing people at the @thecosingapore , 100% of the proceeds are going to the Singapore National Stroke Association in tribute to Mummy Heng and the stroke she had which changed my familys’ life.

In the 30 minute session, not only do you get lunch, I will be pulling apart Oprah’s amazing 2018 Golden Globe speech and showing how storytelling mobilises hormones and emotions to influence an audience, I will take you through Ttheatre of the Mind and the use of Humour which we have been using forever in the radio industry and finally, I will be telling some stories of my own.

Just $15 at the door and of course you can donate so much more to the Singapore National Stroke Association to help people whose lives, like mine, have been disrupted by a stroke in the family.